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  • It is used in the treatment of skin diseases, jaundice, fatty liver changes
  • Bloating, ascites, fistula, digestive problems and anemia.
  • Supports healthy elimination and promotes sexual functions*Corrects seminal disorders.
  • Kalyanagulam Dose: 

    3 – 6 grams once or two times  a day after food or before food, or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
    It is administered along with honey, milk or warm water.

    This medicine is also known as Kalyanaka Guda

    Kalyanagulam Ingredients
    Vidanga – Embelia ribes
    Pippali and Pippalimoola – Fruit and root of long pepper – Piper longum

    Triphala – Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica and Amla (Emblica officinalis)

    Dhanyaka – Coriander – Coriandrum sativum

    Chitraka – Leadwort – Plumbago zeylanica

    Maricha – Pepper – Piper nigrum

    Hastipippali – Scindapsus officinalis

    Dipyaka – Trachyspermum ammi

    Panchalavana – 5 salts – Vida, Saindhava, Romaka, Samudra Souvarchala Lavana

    These are powdered and added with

    384 ml of Sesame oil

    384 g of Trivrit (Operculina turpethum),

    2.304 liters of Amla juice (Emblica officinalis)

    2.4 kg of jaggery

    The above combination is heated to semi solid consistency and preserved.

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